Sat 4.4
HUMAN RESOURCES w/ 2 Slices and Corsa at Drunken Unicorn

Human Resources

2 Slices


Ages 21+
Sun 4.5
Mon 4.6
Tue 4.7
STRAWBERRY GIRLS w/ Andres, Amarionette, Dwellings at Drunken Unicorn
The Masquerade presents:

Strawberry Girls




Ages 21+
Wed 4.8
Thu 4.9
Fri 4.10
GBAD w/ No Ghost and Spirit Healer at Drunken Unicorn


Spirit Healer

No Ghost

Ages 21+
Sat 4.11
Sun 4.12
Mon 4.13
Tue 4.14
Wed 4.15
Thu 4.16
THE TWOTAKES w/ Lost Stars, Fairshake and Say Hello Sunday

The Two Takes

Lost Stars


Say Hello Sunday

Ages 21+
Fri 4.17
PLANET BOOTY w/ Rich Aucoin and Terror Pigeon

Planet Booty

Terror Pigeon

Rich Aucoin

Ages 21+
Sat 4.18
Sun 4.19
Mon 4.20
Tue 4.21
Wed 4.22
Thu 4.23
Medium Build w/ Nelward and Delorean Gray at Drunken Unicorn

Medium Build


Delorean Gray

Ages 21+
Fri 4.24
Makeup + Vanity Set w/ Gregorio Franco and Watch Out For Snakes
Terminus Retrowave presents:

Makeup And Vanity Set

Gregorio Franco

Watch Out For Snakes

Ages 21+
Sat 4.25
GLÀSS w/ Haybaby, Rare Demo and Nina Garbus at Drunken Unicorn



Rare Demo

Nina Garbus

Ages 21+
Sun 4.26
Mon 4.27
Tue 4.28
Wed 4.29
Thu 4.30


Fri 5.1
Sat 5.2
Kevin Krauter w/ Why Bonnie
The Masquerade presents:

Kevin Krauter

Why Bonnie

Ages 21+
Sun 5.3
Mon 5.4
Tue 5.5
Wed 5.6
Thu 5.7
Fri 5.8
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead w/ Greenbeard

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead


Ages 21+
Sat 5.9
Sun 5.10
Mon 5.11
Tue 5.12
VITA AND THE WOOLF at the Drunken Unicorn
The Masquerade presents

Vita and the Woolf

Ages 21+
Wed 5.13
NAG w/ Mononegatives and Klazo




Ages 21+
Thu 5.14
Fri 5.15
Sat 5.16
Sun 5.17
Mon 5.18
Tue 5.19
Wed 5.20
Thu 5.21
Fri 5.22
Sat 5.23
AESTHETIC NIGHTS: A Night of Vaporwave and Future Funk in Atlanta!
Pad Chennington presents:


Pad Chennington


No Eyes

Ages 21+
Sun 5.24
Mon 5.25
Tue 5.26
Wed 5.27
Thu 5.28
Fri 5.29
BOSUDONG COOLER (from South Korea) at Drunken Unicorn

Bosudong Cooler

Ages 21+