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Fri ยท October 12, 2018

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm (event ends at 12:00 am)

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

Emille Franceau Smith, known as FranceauThaGod, was born May 21, 1996 without vocal chords and received a tracheotomy at 1 month of age. It was later removed when he turned 3 years old. Franceau always believed that his struggles began at birth. Many often criticized his voice as being too raspy, and as a result of this judgement, he felt as if it was an embarrassment and often didn't speak unless family was around.

Franceau was about 8 years old when he first started rapping. "I seen a video on MTV and started imitating what I saw," he states. It was in 2008 when he started taking his craft seriously. In 2011 Franceauthagod and his family moved to Georgia and there is where he built his first in-home studio at age 15. He allowed other artist to record in his studio and quickly learned how to engineer after running numerous of sessions.

After 4 years of building on his craft & doing shows he connected with Jaxz, CEO of Rich Government, then later signed to the label and helped brand it along side label C.E.O Jaxz. FranceauThaGod and Rich Gov quickly rose amongst the elite of Atlanta's heavily populated indie scene, as well as, performing out of state in New Orleans, Charlotte, Houston and New York. In 2016 they went to SXSW (South by Southwest) as spectators, but the very next year Franceauthagod graced 10 stages in 3 days. Just 5 months prior to that he preformed 4 different shows during one of the biggest hip hop festivals Atlanta has to offer in A3C (All 3 Coasts). When asked, "Why do you rap," his response was simple, "I make music 'cuz I love it, but I really do it for my family."
Venue Information:
The Drunken Unicorn
736 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA, 30306